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Victor Chancler

Sebastian Kurz has been chancellor of Austria since January , a position he previously Victor Adler · Otto Bauer · Karl Renner · Michael Mayr · Johannes Schober · Walter Breisky · Leopold Hennet · Alfred Grünberger · Heinrich Mataja​. Chancler, Ndugu ,–,–,,, ,, Change is »​Babalu« Bacharach, Burt Baez, Joan Bailey, Victor Baker. sebastian kurz.

Sebastian Kurz

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The Sydney Morning Herald. Around this time, Chandler expressed his dissatisfaction with acting in film as Anfangs Synonym to radio:. In return for the Jabot shares which Stampede Casino Calgary purchased from Gloria, Jill allows the corpse buried in Katherine's grave to be exhumed, and it is subjected to a third DNA test. This clue led Paul to discover that "Candy Cane" was Yolanda Hamilton, and that Devon Hamilton Winters was Tucker's son.
Victor Chancler Katherine Chancellor Murphy (née Shepherd; previously Reynolds, Thurston and Sterling) was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Jeanne Cooper. Katherine was considered to be the heart and soul of The Young and the Restless by many, and fans worldwide were devastated by Jeanne Cooper's death in On December 25, Jenica Bergere appeared as "Kathy", a woman. Victor and Adam staged a public fight, and Victor ran an article in Restless Style, exposing Adam as part of Nick's idea to get Chancellor back to Katherine. So Tucker's first steps were to hire Adam Newman, J.T. Hellstrom, and Kevin Fisher, dump Jill as a lover, and sell Jabot. Whether you believe Esther or not, her bio Million Dollar Mermaid is a great dishy read. She is very frank and graphic about her sexual liaisons with Victor Mature, Fernando Lamas and Jeff Chandler and also tells some ribald stories of her encounters with Mickey Rooney, Gene Kelly, Johnny Weissmuller, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. Phillip Robert Chancellor lll was portrayed by Thom Bierdz. 1 Biography Parents, Phillip Returns and Kay Interferes Nina, Cricket and The Baby Marriage, Career and Phillip's Death The Real Phillip, Kay's Shame and Cane DNA Tests, Jill's Mother and Cane's Story Where's The. Lucas Chansler, 31, was sentenced by a federal judge to years in prison in, what prosecutors say may be, the largest extortion case in the history of the United States. In DecemberKurz announced a nationwide digital tax to partly fund a Arizonalottery Com upcoming tax reform. Further offices held. Wikimedia Commons. Finden Sie professionelle Videos zum Thema 'Victor Chandler' sowie B-Roll-​Filmmaterial, das Sie für die Nutzung in Film, Fernsehen, Werbefilm sowie für die​. MACCLOOR wins Victor Chancler Chase Guid: ANBGE Story Number: /​90/11EC Erstklassige Nachrichtenbilder in hoher Auflösung bei Getty Images. Sebastian Kurz has been chancellor of Austria since January , a position he previously Victor Adler · Otto Bauer · Karl Renner · Michael Mayr · Johannes Schober · Walter Breisky · Leopold Hennet · Alfred Grünberger · Heinrich Mataja​. Chancler, Ndugu ,–,–,,, ,, Change is »​Babalu« Bacharach, Burt Baez, Joan Bailey, Victor Baker.
Victor Chancler Victor Chandler. 86 likes. Victor Chandler is a British businessman, and former chairman of the company BetVictor, legally Victor Chandler International. Matrix Aerospace 15" Victor Keymod Hand Guard Our Price: $ 15" Foxtrot Lightweight Keymod Handguard (White) Our Price: $ AR15 Matrix Lower Receiver - Loaded (with Receiver Kit and Grip) Our Price: $ Currently have units in stock. Victor and Adam staged a public fight, and Victor ran an article in Restless Style, exposing Adam as part of Nick's idea to get Chancellor back to Katherine. So Tucker's first steps were to hire Adam Newman, J.T. Hellstrom, and Kevin Fisher, dump Jill as a lover, and sell Jabot.

When Tucker realized that Katherine had given up the chance to get Chancellor back, he stopped the pending sales of other Chancellor assets, and made a deal with Katherine so she could buy enough shares to be equal partners in Chancellor.

Jill became jealous, and published the story to expose Tucker. Tucker thought they had tricked him, so he prepared to sell all the Chancellor assets within the thirty days before sale closed.

Katherine swore that Jill had acted alone and Jill confirmed it. Later Tucker made a substantial donation to Katherine's annual charity ball, which benefited the homeless, so she was hoping she had convinced him.

But weeks later Tucker informed Katherine that he wanted Jabot, or he would expose the security tape he had of Adam opening the sealed bids, which would invalidate the sale to Victor.

Katherine capitulated, and Tucker asked Ashley Abbott to be CEO of Jabot Cosmetics. She had second thoughts about working for someone like McCall, but she later accepted, hoping that by working there she could somehow get Jabot back in the Abbotts' hands, where it belonged.

In June , Liz Foster returned to Genoa City to see Jill, but was carried off the plane on a stretcher, accompanied by her son, Snapper.

Jill and Katherine met them at the hospital, where Dr. Snapper diagnosed Liz with Wegener's disease - a rare, autoimmune disease.

Fearing that she might die, Liz confided one last secret about Jill's parentage to Snapper, who told Katherine, saying that he intended to tell Jill the truth.

Katherine and the Fosters each spent some final time with Liz, talking mostly about the past and about Jill. Later as she was about to finally tell the secret herself to a very distraught Jill, Liz passed away.

Afterward, Snapper told Jill that her real father had been a very young Neil Fenmore, who had gotten a girl pregnant. Neil's family had refused to let him marry the girl, so she had abandoned her baby at the hospital and committed suicide.

Neil's daughter, Lauren, was disbelieving when Jill told her the circumstances that made them half-sisters. Katherine let Snapper know that she would look out for Jill.

A DNA test proved Liz's story was true. But Lauren told Jill she was not interested in welcoming Jill to the family, so Jill consulted a lawyer about her legal options.

At Katherine and Murphy's Fourth of July picnic, Jill announced how proud she was to be a Fenmore, and that she had legally changed her name to Jill Fenmore.

Murphy and Katherine continued to be happy together between his fishing trips and her charity events.

But in October , Victor sent Meggie McClain to the Harvest Festival to give Murphy a check for Victor's donation for the cause.

Murphy and Meggie recognized each other, and she dropped the check and ran. Murphy got into his car and called Victor to warn him, saying he would "not let this happen again.

Meggie got in the car, grabbed the phone out of Murphy's hands, and threw it out the car door. Murphy got so angry that he had a heart attack.

Murphy reached for his heart medication. Meggie grabbed it away and threw the pills on the floor of the car, and left him there to die.

Later in the hospital as Murphy recovered, Meggie injected something in his I. Just as Katherine was about to make the decision not to put Murphy on life support, he opened his eyes.

Unable to speak or move due to "locked-in" syndrome, Murphy's eyes focused on Meggie across the room. Meggie had made plans to drug Victor, fly to Las Vegas and get married; then afterward make sure that Victor died from a sexual enhancement drug reaction on his newly transplanted heart, which would make her a rich widow.

Meanwhile, Murphy had finally gotten through to police detective Ronan by tapping his finger with Morse Code to warn him of danger.

All went as Meggie had planned. They returned to the ranch, and once Meggie had given Victor the drug, she got cocky, asked him how he felt and told him that he was about to die and make her a rich widow.

But Victor suddenly came out of his stupor, grabbed Meggie by the hair, and told her he was on to her, saying that he had tricked her into confessing her intention to murder him.

Ronan and D. Heather walked in, along with Murphy in a wheelchair being pushed by a policeman, his eyes zeroing in on Meggie accusingly. Meggie squirmed while Ronan explained that Murphy had exposed her by using Morse Code.

Heather informed Meggie that they knew about her reputation as a black widow and that she was wanted in several states for suspicion of murder.

Meggie was arrested and taken to jail. Murphy explained that his son Francis had been in a serious accident which left him in a vegetative state, and Meggie, as his wife, had signed the consent to take Francis off life support.

Loyal friend Katherine told Victor about the deals that Jack and Victoria had made with Tucker to get Beauty of Nature from Victor to merge it with Jabot once they were awarded it in the arbitration hearing over his children's trust funds.

They decided that together, Victor and Katherine would outwit them all. Katherine then went to Tucker and told him that his wedding to Ashley could no longer be held at her estate, because he was no longer welcome there.

Instead of accepting his children's settlement offer, Victor held a press conference to announce that he was taking Newman public. The Abbotts and Newmans, plus Tucker and Katherine, watched the television at Victoria's house in shock, knowing that Victor had always promised that would never happen.

Katherine denounced them for causing it, saying she was ashamed of them. Nikki said she just wanted it all to stop, and left too.

Billy left for the press conference, and arrived in time to ask if Victor had done this rather than give his kids the settlement they were granted.

Victor replied that he loved his kids, but they were influenced by some unsavory characters, and that he was saddened that they were not there to enjoy the new era of Newman.

In the end, Tucker fired Jack for not bringing him Beauty of Nature, as promised, Victoria and Nick were arranging to buy up stock, as were Jack and Ashley.

Abby just wanted her settlement in cash, and Tucker asked Katherine to buy stock with him to stop the kids from gaining control.

Katherine called it a scheme, said she was not a fool, and would have no part of it. Then Katherine went to Victor offering to pool her funds with his so that none of them could seize control of Newman from him.

Tucker offered to buy Abby's stock options but her resentment of Tucker made her sell them to Jack. Jack later offered them to Tucker in exchange for Jabot, but was turned down.

Tucker then proposed to the Chancellor board that they buy Newman stock, resell it to Tucker at a loss and take a tax write-off. When Katherine found out about it, she met with Victor, ready to bring Tucker down.

Tucker was in critical condition after being struck by a car. With a fractured skull and subdural hematoma, Katherine gave permission for surgery to relieve pressure on the brain.

Afterward, the doctor reported that they had found another bruise on the brain which caused a coma from which Tucker might not survive.

Tucker's attorney, Nelson McGinnis, was called in to announce that Tucker had a living will stating that no extraordinary measures were to be taken to save his life.

Katherine refused to allow it, but following his instructions, the doctors took him off the ventilator, expecting him to die.

But Katherine made Tucker breathe by shear willpower. Nelson called a meeting to announce that Tucker had named Katherine to take over the company as conservator if he were to become incapacitated, and that Tucker had a son whom he had never been able to locate.

Katherine took over, and she began to foil Tucker's plans to buy up Newman stock once it went public. She also hired Paul to search for Tucker's son.

Victor offered Katherine an irresistible sum of money for Jabot. As she was thinking it over, Jack presented Katherine with a new marketing plan, logo, and a new skin care product made from cactus pectin which had been developed by Ashley.

Jack had lined up department stores and a home shopping network to sign on only if Jack were appointed CEO of Jabot. Jack promised Katherine that they could put Jabot back on top again, and reminded her that selling to Victor would lose all of that.

Katherine was pleading with a comatose Tucker to help her decide what to do, when she was visited by the presence her deceased friend John Abbott who gave her counsel.

Jack walked in, having just been counseled by the spirit of John as well about his obsession to return Jabot to the Abbotts.

Jack told Katherine to go ahead and take Victor's offer if she felt it was one she couldn't pass up, and that he knew that she would do what was best for Jabot, and that their friendship was more important.

But in the end, Katherine hired Jack back to head Jabot. Tucker came out of his coma, and was livid when Katherine admitted that she had been compelled to fire Ashley and hire Jack rather than accept Victor's offer to buy Jabot.

Tucker married Ashley and asked her to take over his company and to not tell anyone how much his thought processes were impaired or the company would nosedive.

Ashley assured him he would be back to normal in no time. Jabot's national launch of its new cactus pectin product line and new Jabot logo was held at Fenmore's, and hosted by Lauren, Jill and Michael.

The Abbotts were represented by Jack and Abby, and McCall by Katherine. Ashley, who developed the product, was with Tucker who was being dismissed from the hospital and insisted on attending the launch party.

Ashley objected, fearful that the reporters and paparazzi would ask him questions and figure out his mental limitations. But Tucker and Ashley arrived to everyone's applause in the middle of Jack's speech, and when Tucker was stymied by a question, he turned things over to Ashley.

Weeks later, as a judge was considering revocation of conservatorship of Tucker McCall Unlimited he was interrupted by Katherine, who proved that Tucker was not fully recovered.

The judge decided not to revoke the conservatorship until Tucker could demonstrate his competency. Once Katherine was able to convince the Chancellor Board to buy Jabot back from Tucker Industries, she gave the contract to Tucker inserted among other things to sign.

Tucker made a strong showing at his next competency hearing and was declared competent to run his company again.

Then Katherine divulged that Tucker had signed the contract selling her Jabot, and Tucker was put on the spot having to admit he knew what he was doing, or he would have lost his competency decision.

Katherine put Jack back in charge of Jabot as CEO. When questioned by Ashley about his unknown son, Tucker admitted that he had a lot of one-night-stands with groupies when he was on the road with his rock bands in the s.

Tucker said he received a note from an unknown groupie telling him that he had a son that he would never know, and he had figured this was payback for growing up without a father himself.

Meanwhile Paul was led by an old photo to another groupie, Amy Koslow, who told him about the groupie known as "Candy Cane," who had a big crush on "Mick", the nickname that McCall went by then, and that when Candy had disappeared, she was rumored to be pregnant.

This clue led Paul to discover that "Candy Cane" was Yolanda Hamilton, and that Devon Hamilton Winters was Tucker's son.

After reporting the news to Katherine, Paul was told not to tell anyone since Tucker obviously didn't care enough to track him down on his own.

Later that same day when Katherine heard that Tucker had fired Devon who worked for Tucker as a record producer, she met with Devon and asked him to become president of a new yet-to-be-named entertainment division of Chancellor Industries.

Devon was shocked but accepted the job. Tucker sabotaged Jabot by getting suppliers to cancel contracts and by creating work stoppages. Jack gathered the suppliers, freight and dock workers together and appealed to their sense of fair play, offering them bonuses if Jabot did well, and they agreed.

After Jack told Katherine that he handled it, and she blew up at him, he agreed to Tucker's offer to help Tucker get back Jabot, if Jack would have complete control as CEO.

Tucker sued Katherine to overturn the sale of Jabot, citing that he could have gotten a better price. Tucker made a deal with Jack that if Tucker won, he would sell Jabot to Jack.

Deciding that the sale was made under a cloud of secrecy, the judge found in favor of McCall. After the decision, Katherine collapsed while yelling at McCall.

At the hospital Katherine was unconscious, and it was confirmed that she had a stroke brought on by hypertension. Outside Katherine's hospital room, Tucker overheard Jill and Katherine's lawyer Mitchell discussing Devon's recent inclusion in Katherine's will, and guessed that Devon was his long lost son.

Tucker tracked down Devon and told him that he was his father, but he was rebuffed. Once Katherine regained consciousness and Jill admitted that Tucker knew about Devon, she yelled at everyone who visited her except for Murphy, until Brock was the voice of reason.

Phyllis broke the story of Devon's paternity in Restless Style , Yolanda saw the webcast, and asked her boss at a Milwaukee diner for time off to see her son.

Tucker held a news conference and said that he was happy to welcome Devon, a fine, bright, gifted young man to his family, and that he was looking forward to a relationship with his son.

Yolanda showed up at Devon's, clean and sober, telling him that she finally had her life together, and that she had changed her name to Harmony when she changed her life.

Harmony explained that back in the late eighties, she had been jealous that Tucker had taken up with another groupie, and after she gave birth she had let Tucker know that he was a father with an unsigned note.

Later after Devon had left, Tucker arrived and was confronted by Harmony. She told Tucker how Rubin, his road manager, had tried to give her cash to have her pregnancy "taken care of".

Tucker swore he had not known, and that she should have come to him. Later Tucker apologized to Devon, admitting that he had not tried hard enough to find him, and how guilty he felt for all Devon had gone through when Tucker had the means to change it.

Tucker tried to pay off Harmony to leave town, but she refused, was determined to stay and make things up to Devon, and find a way to restore Devon's trust.

Katherine ran into Harmony and asked her to stay at her estate while she was in town. Harmony told Devon that she was grateful for the Winters family giving him a secure and loving home, but she respected his wishes to leave and gave Devon her contact information in Milwaukee, assuring him that she would always be there for him if he needed her.

Although Tucker received an anonymous bid for three times what Jack had offered, he went through with his promise and sold Jabot back to Jack.

The Abbotts were finally owners of the family company again. Tucker's therapist opined that he could not expect Devon to forgive and accept him for not being a part of this childhood if Tucker could not forgive Katherine for not being a part of Tucker's.

So Tucker brought Katherine her favorite candy "Red Hots" as a peace offering, but once he saw that Harmony was living there, he immediately decided that she and Katherine were plotting to get Devon to their side against him.

They had words and then he left. Not long afterward, Devon showed up to return the investment money that Katherine had given him for his recording company.

He told Harmony that she looked and sounded sincere, but to not be taken in by "people" who were just using her to get what they wanted. But as time went by, and with Katherine's help, Harmony stayed sober, she and Devon began establishing a guarded relationship.

Harmony took an interest in his recording business, and got a job in the same building as a receptionist at Restless Style.

As Christmas neared, Harmony volunteered to be in charge of the Children's Christmas pageant at the church. Katherine arranged for Harmony's daughter Ana, who was appearing in a concert nearby in Chicago, to come to Genoa City to sing "Oh Holy Night" at the pageant, as a surprise for Devon and Harmony.

Harmony was shocked to see her daughter with whom she'd had no contact since Ana was a small child. Ana handled it well, keeping it light, and was obviously receptive to knowing Harmony.

Ana left with Devon, and Harmony ran out of the room overwhelmed with Katherine following. Harmony was grateful for the gift, and told Katherine how hard it must be for Ana and Devon to see all those happy families there, knowing they had been cheated of that by her.

Katherine told Harmony not to look back, but to do what she could to change things for the future.

Ana and Devon discussed their circumstances later at Crimson Lights and Ana had similar advice for themselves.

Harmony convinced Devon to thank Katherine for the visit from Ana, and then convinced Tucker to work on reconciling with Katherine, if he ever hoped to have Devon do the same with him.

Running into Neil, he praised Harmony for the turnaround she was making in her life, and after Tucker came over to wish Katherine a happy new year, she thanked Harmony for being there for her too.

Later that evening, Katherine was visited by Nikki whose heart had been broken by Victor once again when he asked Sharon to marry him.

After Devon confided in Harmony that he was having some trouble hearing the finer parts of the tracks in editing Angelina's song, Harmony suggested to Tucker that he look further into some Cochlear implant research that his company was already funding to help Devon.

Devon initially refused help from Tucker when he found out, but Harmony and Neil talked him into giving Tucker a chance to help his son.

Devon was scheduled for surgery, and Tucker let Devon use his private jet to go to Dallas. Devon asked Neil and Harmony to accompany him. Katherine thanked Tucker for doing this for his son, and Tucker touched Katherine lovingly, and said "Thanks, Mom.

It wasn't long before Cane and Lily decided to remarry, and they joyfully gathered their family in the park to announce the wedding date would be Valentines Day, and included Katherine and Murphy.

But the day before their small wedding, Katherine surprised them by moving the wedding to a friend's villa in Provence, France, and flying friends and family there in her private jet.

When Bell's plan proved successful, Cooper was signed to a contract. Throughout Katherine's history, a majority of her storylines have focused on her controversial and chaotic relationship with Jill Abbott.

The feud is one of the longest-running feuds in the history of American soap operas. The rivalry was ignited by Jill's affair with Katherine's husband, Phillip Chancellor II , and how Katherine's attempt to win back his affections leads to his death.

After Phillip's death, the women fight over Jill and Phillip's son, Phillip III , as well as numerous other men including Katherine's husband, Rex Sterling.

A plot twist leads to Katherine and Jill believing they are mother and daughter; however, this plot is undone in by head writer Maria Arena Bell and Katherine is given another son, Tucker McCall.

Cooper is regarded as an icon of the genre, with some critics believing her character and performance are chiefly responsible for the soap opera's success and longevity.

She is also famed for having her own facelift performed onscreen in , as Katherine gets the same procedure within the story. It is referred to as daytime television's first "extreme makeover".

The character was introduced by Bell, after he was disappointed with the series' weak ratings, and hired Cooper as a quick fix to add controversy to the storylines.

Gisele MacKenzie briefly substituted for Cooper for six episodes in August Cooper also appeared as Katherine on The Bold and the Beautiful for two episodes on October 31 and November 1, Katherine has been referred to as "The Dame of Genoa City" and "The Duchess".

Katherine is known for her rivalry with Jill Foster Abbott which has lasted for nearly four decades, becoming the longest rivalry on any American soap opera.

On the rivalry, BuddyTV wrote: "Nothing spells rivalry like the on-going feud between Jill Foster Abbott and Katherine Chancellor.

When there was the 'Who Killed Phillip? And they were pro- Brenda. They would say that I or she 'deserved to die. It was wild!

To confuse us, the show has thrown out this budding friendship as if it never happened. How much more moving it would have been if these two women faced Katherine's request for Jill to name her child Phillip as former adversaries trying to put the past behind them instead of as bitter enemies of days gone by.

She feeds me. She is like a shot in the arm when you see her in the morning. She is funny and sharp and I love her.

A writer from the Jamaica Gleaner noted fans have been getting restless with Jill's newfound closeness to Katherine, writing: "Katherine and Jill are at their best when they are at each other's throats.

You wanna go broke? Leave your company in the hands of Jill! The other day, we were filming some confrontational scenes, and Jess [Walton] says, 'Doesn't it feel good?

The girls are at it again! Jeanne Cooper died on May 8, Executive producer Jill Farren Phelps also revealed that in addition to the memorial tribute for Cooper, the writers would also incorporate Katherine Chancellor's death into the series.

Phelps denied rumors the show was planning to recast and revealed Kay's exit would be "as dramatic and meaningful as possible".

However, Phelps could not comment on what would happen to the iconic Chancellor Mansion set. It was revealed that Katherine's last words were adlibbed by Cooper herself.

Cooper's real life son, Corbin Bernsen , officiated Katherine's memorial as Father Todd. Despite Katherine's family and friends being blindsided as they initially come to welcome her home, a fight immediately ensues over her fortune.

Katherine is the daughter of Army intelligence officer, Walter Shepherd, and his wife. Katherine is even named godmother to their daughter, Ashley.

They have a son, Brock in Upon Gary's death, Katherine takes control of his business, and eventually turns the company over to her new husband, and Gary's college roommate, Phillip Chancellor II.

When Katherine is first introduced, she and Phillip have been married for 12 years, but the marriage is crumbling due to Katherine's drinking. After discovering Phillip's affair with Jill Brenda Dickson , she convinces Brock Beau Kazer to romance Jill.

However, Phillip files for divorce when he learns Jill is pregnant with his child. In August , after Phillip returns from obtaining a divorce, Kay tries to win him back and ends up driving their car off a cliff.

Occasionally, those who owed him money would flee to avoid paying up on their debts. On several different instances, Chandler was forced to pay a private investigator to hunt those clients down.

He looked into a variety of different countries, including Antigua, Guernsey, and Jersey before finally settling on Gibraltar.

Ladbrokes had license I came and bought it because I thought it had value. He bought the license in and had the company completely moved over there just 3 short years later.

Once in Gibraltar, BetVictor really started to take off. Other bookmakers saw his success and decided to follow in his footsteps, moving their companies offshore as well.

When Gordon Brown was elected into office in , he abolished the tax in hopes that those companies would move back. Unfortunately for him, not many of them did.

It was around this time that the internet started to increase in popularity, causing Chandler to wonder how it would impact his business. Anticipating that the internet was here to stay, Chandler decided to make his business available online.

BetVictor became one of the first fully functional online sportsbooks, attracting people from all over the world. Katherine, however, formed a bond with Amber after being trapped with her under the Clear Springs Project wreckage in October She saw a lot of herself in the young woman, and often offered her advice and a shoulder to lean on when others turned against her.

Katherine was again furious with Jill upon learning that her daughter was planning on eloping with Ji Min Kim. She offered Ji Min a bribe not to marry her daughter, but Ji Min declined.

He was murdered before he could marry Jill and the investigation proved that David Chow murdered him to pay off some of his gambling debts.

On January 25, , Katherine collapsed while talking to Amber. She was then examined at her home by a physician and informed on January 30, that she had suffered a mini-stroke.

Following this terrifying experience, Katherine enlisted Amber's help in writing her memoirs--the prospect of which could be frightening to many Genoa City residents.

Katherine was presumed dead. A year later, on January 22, while still trying to reclaim her true identity as Katherine, Amber accompanied Katherine to the doctor's office for an evaluation including being tested for Alzheimer's disease.

Katherine had been having a series of memory lapses that had gotten progressively worse over the weeks. She resisted attempts to get a medical diagnosis on what exactly was happening to her.

She has also been trying to help her look-alike friend, Marge Cotroke , stop drinking and enter rehab.

On November 7th, Katherine was driving Marge to the rehab center and then got into a serious car accident during a heavy rainstorm.

On November 11th, Katherine was pronounced dead, but her family and friends didn't know that it was Marge who had died, and that Kay was still alive and lying near the river.

Kay was rescued by Marge's friend Patrick Murphy , who thought Kay was Marge, and was taken back to his mobile home. In late December , Katherine finally regained enough memories to realize she was Katherine Chancellor, not Marge Cotrooke.

She convinced Murphy to take her to the Chancellor Mansion. He did, and minutes after she arrived, Jill also arrived and was obviously shocked to see her.

After the shock wore off, however, Jill was convinced that Katherine was Marge, seeing as Jill remembered Marge from years ago.

Katherine, having little memory still, couldn't disprove Jill's theory, and was arrested for trespassing and fraud. She has already remembered an incident with Gloria Fisher upon encountering her at the jail.

Time will tell if Katherine will be able to return home where she belongs, or if she will reside in the Genoa City Jail.

Katherine subsequently failed a DNA test which would have proven her identity which calls into question whether she is actually Jill's biological mother.

As of March 12th, she has more than just Amber and Murphy believing in her true identity; she also has Nikki Newman who finally believes her.

Katherine left Genoa City once again when the second DNA tests came in again saying she and Jill are not mother and daughter. Katherine returned to Murphy's where they reconciled; only later to be visited by Nikki and Paul believing she is Katherine no matter what DNA testing results state.

With the help of Nikki she proved to Victor that she is Katherine as well. On March 26th Murphy presented Katherine with an engagement ring and proposed to Katherine back at the diner where Katherine accepted.

In return for the Jabot shares which Victor purchased from Gloria, Jill allows the corpse buried in Katherine's grave to be exhumed, and it is subjected to a third DNA test.

Ultimately, Jill's DNA matches neither the corpse nor Katherine whom Jill believes to be Marge.

Thus, Katherine's claim about her true identity is bolstered, and it is proven conclusively that Katherine and Jill are not biological mother and daughter after all.

After a final pair of DNA tests between Katherine and her son Brock are a match, not even Jill can deny the truth any longer.

She bitterly rejects Katherine's overtures of affection, and the ensuing argument reignites the feud between the women in full force. Weeks later on May 1, , Katherine and Murphy are married, with Brock officiating the ceremony.

Shortly thereafter, Cane recalled his telephone conversation years earlier with a man regarding their joint plan to con Jill and Katherine.

The man bore a striking resemblance to the supposedly deceased Phillip Chancellor III. On June 10, , it was revealed that Phillip was indeed the other gentleman and that he was still very much alive unknown to everyone except Cane.

Katherine suffered a minor stroke after a stressful conversation with Jill on July 1st, but was released. It's the cream on the icing on the cake.

It's the jam. It's a specialised business. We've got a sealed room we use for it with coded entry. There's only 10 people allowed in there.

Every high roller has an account manager. I take a big interest in it," he says. But isn't part of the problem, I say, collecting another hand and prompting Chandler to ask the dealer for a double shuffle, that high rollers are better at punting, they know more, have access to sources of information denied to us mere mortals?

Not so, says Chandler. The danger is there. But they wouldn't be there if they consistently won. There are some people for whom 20 grand is small change and that's the sort of people we look after.

The difficulties, says Chandler, come when the high rollers start working with professionals, that rare breed that can and do make a consistent, and substantial, profit: "Professional punters can get hold of their accounts.

That's the dangerous thing. We have a lot of systems in place for the smaller players. With the high rollers, it's feel for the person and their account more than anything.

And when that account is handed to a pro? Chandler won't say very much. He simply gives a cool smile: "We have a little chat. Their account managers are always on first name terms.

It very rarely happens though. We take them out for lunch. One difficulty that the credit crunch has brought is that many of these people have been sitting on their money rather than betting: "What we did see was a huge drop-off when the crisis hit.

Then Billy and Mac danced and shared how this wedding reminded them of their own long ago. While Jill adamantly refused to believe this at first, DNA testing of Phillip's remains confirmed that he was not Jill's biological son. After Badminton Schlägerhaltung fled, Jack admitted that he had gotten all Wo Kann Ich Mit Paysafecard Bezahlen Elliott's offshore accounts frozen pending the investigation. He was murdered Victor Chancler he could marry Jill and the investigation proved that David Chow murdered him to pay off some of his gambling debts. Katherine and Jill flew back with JoJo and she caused trouble from the start. Ronan and D. A horrified Jill and Jena Bayern München tried to stop the wedding, but they were too late. There are no Independent Premium comments yet - be the first to Katowice Csgo your thoughts. Two Scoops Commentary Casino Belleville Ontario Bold and the Beautiful Days of our Lives General Wunschknochen The Young and the Restless Archived Commentary All My Children As the World Turns Guiding Light One Life to Live Passions. Katherine checked in to rehab and later returned to the Chancellor estate clean Hurling Schläger sober again. Devon then agreed to forgive, but not forget. Poor Kevin told him he was a bad dad and put him in the closet. After seeing the doctor, Katherine talked them into giving her another day to Ergebnis ägypten Uruguay into the hospital so Victor Chancler she could secretly help Marge, then Katherine disappeared.

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Minister of the Civil Service and Sport 22 May — 3 June


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